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The Strategic Compass of the
European Union

The Strategic Compass is a significant document and initiative of the European Union (EU) aimed at shaping the future of EU security and defense policy. It provides a framework for defining the EU's security and defense priorities, goals, and capabilities in the coming years. The Strategic Compass is intended to guide the EU's strategic thinking and actions in the realm of security and defense. 

Key components and objectives of the Strategic Compass include: 

Threat Analysis

The document assesses the security environment in which the EU operates, identifying both traditional and non-traditional security threats. It considers challenges posed by state actors, hybrid threats, cyberattacks, terrorism, and other emerging risks. 

Strategic Objectives

The Strategic Compass outlines the EU’s strategic objectives in the security and defense domain. These objectives include crisis management, resilience building, capacity development, and partnerships. 


It emphasizes the importance of enhancing the EU’s resilience to various forms of threats, including cyber threats, disinformation campaigns, and other hybrid tactics. 


The document addresses the need to improve the EU’s defense capabilities, including military capabilities, civilian crisis management capabilities, and the ability to conduct joint EU military operations. 


The Strategic Compass highlights the importance of cooperation and partnerships with NATO and other international organizations, as well as with non-EU European countries. 

The development of the Strategic Compass involves consultations among EU member states, the European Commission, the European External Action Service (EEAS), and other relevant stakeholders. It is intended to provide a common vision and strategic direction for EU security and defense efforts, enhancing the EU’s role as a security actor in the global arena. 
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