The European Data Governance ACT


European Comission web site states that: “A European Data Governance Act, which is fully in line with EU values and principles, will bring significant benefits to EU citizens and companies. 

A key pillar of the European strategy for data, the Data Governance Act seeks to increase trust in data sharing, strengthen mechanisms to increase data availability and overcome technical obstacles to the reuse of data. 
The Data Governance Act will also support the set-up and development of common European data spaces in strategic domains, involving both private and public players, in sectors such as health, environment, energy, agriculture, mobility, finance, manufacturing, public administration and skills. 
The Data Governance Act entered into force on 23 June 2022 and, following a 15-month grace period, is applicable since September 2023. 
The initiative aims to make more data available and facilitate data sharing across sectors and EU countries in order to leverage the potential of data for the benefit of European citizens and businesses.
For example:

How will this work in practice? 

The EU will boost the development of trustworthy data-sharing systems through 4 broad sets of measures: 

Mechanisms to facilitate the reuse of certain public sector data that cannot be made available as open data. For example, the reuse of health data could advance research to find cures for rare or chronic diseases. 

Measures to ensure that data intermediaries will function as trustworthy organisers of data sharing or pooling within the common European data spaces. 

Measures to make it easier for citizens and businesses to make their data available for the benefit of society. 

Measures to facilitate data sharing, in particular to make it possible for data to be used across sectors and borders, and to enable the right data to be found for the right purpose.  

Impact across the EU 
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