Cookie Management

Compliant with Regulations

Jurcom partners with mobildev, a pioneer company specializing in data governance, consent management and marketing to deliver cutting-edge cookie management solutions.

Mobildev's cookie management product, Cookie Management, allows you to create a website cookie policy and manage cookies based on explicit consent and information between your visitors and your website in accordance with KVKK.

Mobildev provides cookie Management for your online business with its simple to use and easy interface. It offers the best way to build trustworthy customer relationships by providing a personalized experience, improve your marketing activities and improve your conversion rates by examining the consumer behavior of users who visit your website.

You can manage cookies in accordance with the rules, keep control of what data people collect, inform your visitors about the cookie rules, provide good user experience and get one step ahead of the competition.

Is Cookie Management on Your Site Compliant with KVKK?

Cookies are considered part of personal data and are subject to legal regulations. According to the ‘Personal Data Protection Law’ (KVKK) No. 6698, it is mandatory for cookie files collected on websites to obtain explicit consent and be preferable (customizable). Therefore, businesses need to implement permission management on their websites. With Mobildev Cookie Management, you can reduce your risk of penalties and protect your brand reputation by remaining compliant with privacy regulations.

Mobidev Cookie Management includes many features for effective cookie management:

Detection of Cookies

  • Automatic Cookie Scanning
  • Auto Blocker
  • Automatic Categorization
  • Detection of All Data Sharing
  • Periodic Cookie Scanning
  • Adding Manual Cookies


Easy Setup

  • Fast Cookie Detection
  • Panel Installation in Three Steps
  • Google Tag Manager Support


Comprehensive Visitor Panel

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Themes and Design
  • Page Management
  • Automatic Listing
  • Easy Permit Approval
  • Layout Settings


GDPR and KVKK Compliant Cookie Management


Consent and Cookie Control


Multi Site Management


Multiple User Management


Responsive Interface


Domestic Servers


Reporting and Proof Features


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