Digital Markets Act (DMA)


Digital Markets Act (DMA) is a legislative proposal put forth by the European Commission as part of a broader initiative to regulate digital platforms and online marketplaces. The DMA aims to create a more level playing field in the digital economy, address unfair competition practices, and ensure that dominant online platforms do not engage in anti-competitive behavior that harms competition, innovation, and consumer choice. 

Key elements and objectives of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) can be listed as: 

Designation of Gatekeepers

The DMA seeks to identify and designate certain large online platforms as “gatekeepers.” These are platforms that have a significant impact on the internal market, and they are subject to specific regulations and obligations. 

Prohibited Practices

The DMA prohibits certain unfair practices by gatekeepers, including self-preferencing (favoring their own services or products over others), leveraging data acquired from third-party users, and preventing users from uninstalling pre-installed software or apps. 

Interoperability and Data Access:

It introduces measures to enhance interoperability between different platforms and mandates that gatekeepers provide access to certain data to competitors and businesses using their platforms. 

Fair and Transparent Ranking:

Gatekeepers are required to ensure that their ranking and search algorithms are fair and transparent.

Notification and Reporting Obligations

Gatekeepers have to notify authorities of any proposed mergers or acquisitions and provide various reports related to their operations. 


The DMA includes provisions for enforcement, with penalties for non-compliance.

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