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The European Cyber Defence Policy 

The EU's approach to cyber defense and cybersecurity involves a range of measures, strategies, and actions aimed at protecting its member states and critical infrastructure from cyber threats. 

Some key aspects of the EU's approach to cyber defense and cybersecurity include: 

EU Cybersecurity Strategy

The EU has a cybersecurity strategy that outlines its approach to protecting its digital infrastructure and countering cyber threats. This strategy includes efforts to enhance cyber resilience, promote international cooperation, and strengthen the EU’s cybersecurity capabilities. 

European Cybersecurity Act

The European Cybersecurity Act, which came into effect in June 2019, established a framework for the certification of cybersecurity products, services, and processes across the EU. It aims to improve the overall security of digital products and service. 

EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)

ENISA is the EU agency responsible for enhancing cybersecurity across the EU. It provides expertise and support to member states and EU institutions in the field of cybersecurity. 

Cooperation and Information Sharing

The EU promotes cooperation and information sharing among member states to enhance their collective response to cyber threats. The Cybersecurity Act also encourages the establishment of national coordination centers to improve cooperation at the national level. 

Cyber Defense Exercises

The EU conducts cyber defense exercises and simulations to test the readiness and response capabilities of member states and relevant stakeholders. 

International Engagement

The EU engages in international efforts to promote norms of responsible behavior in cyberspace and to address cyber threats at the global level. 

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