Meet Our Exceptional Management Team

At Jurcom, our success is driven by a dedicated and visionary management team. Our leaders are passionate about Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC), and they bring a wealth of expertise, innovation, and experience to our organization. Get to know the individuals guiding our company toward GRC excellence. 
Ali Osman Özdilek
As the CEO of Jurcom, Ali brings thirty years of executive leadership experience to the helm. His strategic vision and commitment to delivering exceptional GRC services have been instrumental in propelling our company to new heights.
Hafize Özdilek
Vice President
Hafize Ozdilek embodies the epitome of professionalism, dedication, and strategic brilliance. Under her guidance, our firm has not only achieved unprecedented success but has also set new standards of excellence in the legal industry.
Erdem Aydınlı
Board Advisor
Erdem Aydınlı is responsible for shaping our long-term strategy and ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the GRC industry. His strategic insights guide our company’s growth and direction.
Murat Genca
Our CMO, Murat Genca, is responsible for showcasing our GRC expertise to the world. With a creative approach to marketing, he ensures that our message resonates with clients and partners alike.
Mert Uzcan
As the Chief Product Officer (CPO), Mert Uzcan at the forefront of our company’s product innovation and development. Mert Uzcan is responsible for driving our product strategy, ensuring it aligns with our company’s vision and customer needs.

“The business world is getting more complicated and integrated. International regulatory compliance is gaining more importance in a globalized scene. Thus, the companies need more sophisticated regulatory compliance consultancy. At JURCOM, we commit to high-quality and creative GRC services and solutions for our clients. We aim to become your end-to-end solution partner in international regulatory compliance with highly professional and dedicated JURCOM teams.”  

Lawyer | CIPP/E | Founder
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