Ensure Your Place in EU Digital World 

At JURCOM, we offer expert consultancy services to help businesses stay compliant with the latest digital and technological legislations in the EU. Our team of regulatory experts and technology specialists can help you navigate the complex and rapidly evolving regulatory landscape and provide you with tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and objectives. 
Our consultancy services cover a wide range of topics and areas, including: 

EU Digital Market Act

We can assist you in complying with the new rules on digital gatekeepers, such as online platforms, search engines, and app stores, and ensure that you do not engage in any unfair practices or abuse of dominant position. We can also help you navigate the new obligations on data interoperability, data portability, and online advertising. 


We can help you understand the requirements and implications of the EU’s proposed AI legislation and develop strategies to ensure that your AI systems and applications comply with the ethical and legal principles set forth in the Act. We can also assist you in conducting AI impact assessments, managing AI risks and biases, and ensuring AI transparency and accountability. 

EU Digital Services ACT 

We can help you comply with the new rules on online content moderation, such as hate speech, disinformation, and counterfeit products, and ensure that you respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of users. We can also assist you in complying with the new transparency and accountability requirements, such as the obligation to provide clear and concise information on your terms and conditions, data processing, and content removal policies. 

EU Cyber Resilience ACT 

We can provide you with the tools and methodologies to assess and enhance your cyber resilience and ensure that you comply with the new cybersecurity certification scheme, which aims to promote trust and confidence in digital products and services. We can also help you design and implement effective cybersecurity measures, such as risk management, incident response, and information sharing.

NIS Directive (Network and Information Systems Directive) 

We can help you comply with the EU’s cybersecurity rules and regulations, including the NIS Directive, and ensure that your critical infrastructure and services are resilient and secure against cyber threats. We can also assist you in conducting risk assessments, implementing security measures, and reporting incidents. 

At JURCOM, we are committed to providing our clients with practical, proactive, and innovative solutions to their digital and technological compliance challenges. We stay up to date with the latest regulatory developments and industry trends and leverage our expertise and experience to help our clients achieve their goals and mitigate their risks. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you comply with the EU’s digital and technological legislations, improve your digital resilience and innovation, and enhance your competitiveness and reputation.