Excel in Carbon Footprint

Calculation & Reporting

Jurcom partners with 3pmetrics to provide its customers with efficient carbon footprint calculation and reporting.

3pmetrics enables corporate carbon footprint calculations and reporting in Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 details, which comply with the requirements of the ISO 14064 standard and are accepted by international protocols.

3pmetric’s comprehensive calculation and reporting services include:
ISO 14064

Calculation and reporting of your corporate carbon footprint according to ISO 14064 standard.

Scope 3 Emissions

Definition and reporting of your Scope 3 emissions with the life cycle philosophy.

Monthly Reporting
Tracking of your goals and management of your carbon footprint with monthly carbon footprint reports.
Facility Based Reporting
Examination and comparison of the carbon footprint of your different facilities separately from a single screen.
Source Based Reporting

Planning and management of your reduction activities with source-based reporting.

KPI Tracking

Monitoring of your carbon footprint according to parameters such as production, employees and m2.

Solutions Specific to Your Workflow
3pmetrics can customize it for your organization according to your organization’s industry, current and future activities. Processes in your workflow that are sources of greenhouse gases are detected and displayed on special screens in the system. Thanks to its flexible structure, you can analyze an agricultural product from field to fork according to your needs or check the footprints of all purchases and sub-suppliers of a textile product.


In carbon footprint reporting, you can calculate institution-specific process emissions by determining scenarios suitable for the processes in your factory or workflows in your organization.


You can add the headings that meet your needs from the Scope 3 headings determined by the GHG Protocol to the calculation, reporting and analysis screens and perform a holistic carbon footprint management.

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