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Compliance risk assessment are vital to maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. Failing to comply with regulations and getting caught can be brutal for an organization, resulting in fines and penalties. To avoid this, regular compliance risk assessment are necessary to identify inherent risks within the organization and devise a plan to mitigate those risks. 
A compliance risk assessment varies from other types of risk assessment. For example, it looks less at financial statement risks, like those in internal audit risk assessment, and strategic risks, like those in enterprise risk assessment. 
Instead, a compliance risk assessment focuses largely on legal and policy non-compliance or ethical misconduct. To perform an effective compliance risk assessment, ensure that the performer fully understands the regulations for your industry. A quality compliance risk assessment relies on a strong framework with clear, organized risk domains. 
Note that compliance risk isn’t a reflection of an individual’s or team’s performance it’s a thorough understanding of the services and products offered and the processes used. An effective compliance risk assessment will allow you to allocate resources to effectively mitigate the inherent risks present within your organization. 
JURCOM’s Approach to Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment Services are designed to identify, evaluate, and manage risks, empowering your business to make informed decisions and thrive amidst uncertainty. 

Why Choose Our Regulatory Audit Services? 

Expert Guidance 

At Jurcom, we have a team of skilled professionals who specialize in risk assessment across various industries. Our experts bring a wealth of experience, providing you with insightful perspectives and tailored strategies. 

Cutting-Edge Tools and Methodologies

Our approach integrates state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to conduct thorough risk assessments. We utilize advanced analytics and modeling techniques to identify potential risks, assess their impact, and prioritize them based on their significance to your business objectives. 

Proactive Risk Mitigation 

Identifying risks is just the first step. We work closely with you to develop proactive risk mitigation strategies. Our goal is not only to minimize potential threats but also to help you turn risks into opportunities for growth and innovation. 

Holistic Approach 

We take a holistic view of risk assessment, considering financial, operational, strategic, and compliance risks. By understanding the interconnectedness of risks, we develop comprehensive risk management plans that address your unique challenges. 

Customized Solutions

We understand that every business is different. Our risk assessment services are customized to suit your industry, size, and specific needs. Whether you are a startup or a multinational corporation, we tailor our solutions to align with your organizational goals. 

Compliance and Regulatory Expertise

Navigating the complex landscape of regulations and compliance requirements can be daunting. Our team is well-versed in the latest regulatory frameworks, ensuring that your risk management strategies are in line with legal standards and industry best practices. 

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