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Saudi Arabia PDPL 

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What is Saudi Arabia PDPL?

The PDPL is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s first data protection law, regulating the processing of personal data of Saudi Arabia nationals, known as data subjects.

The PDPL will govern any type of personal data processing involving Saudi Arabian nationals, such as collecting, utilizing, keeping, maintaining, sharing, or updating personal data.

Who is impacted
The Law governs all personal data processing in Saudi Arabia. It means that the law applies to all businesses, including private corporations, public organizations, and their affiliates, that process personal data of Saudi residents. Furthermore, the regulation applies to organizations based outside of Saudi Arabia that process the personal data of Saudi residents.
What are the penalties for
The PDPL provides that the penalty for disclosing or publishing sensitive personal data may include imprisonment for up to two years and/or a fine not exceeding SAR 3 million ($800,000); both organizations and individuals can therefore be sanctioned. For violations of other provisions of the PDPL, penalties are limited to a warning notice or a fine not exceeding SAR 5 million ($1.3 million). The court may double the penalty of the fine in case of repetition of offenses.
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