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What is Swiss FADP 
The Swiss Data Protection Act, formally known as the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP), is a data protection policy aimed at protecting individuals’ privacy and fundamental rights when their data is processed. The Swiss parliament adopted a slew of new FADP amendments that will go into effect in September 2023.
Is my company subject to the Swiss FADP? 
The Swiss FADP applies to any company that:
Are you in the private sector?
Do you collect, utilize, or disclose personally identifiable information?
Aside from enterprises, the Swiss data protection law also applies to individuals who process personal data if they are Swiss or process data of Swiss citizens.
What are thepenalties for

The FADP’s provisions are enforced by the FDPIC and state prosecutors.

• Data controllers who violate the law may be penalized up to CHF 10,000 under the current FADP.

• The maximum fine under the amended FADP, however, will be CHF 250,000.

• In terms of businesses and organizations, the amended FADP will impose criminal penalties on both. In addition to the organization, its data controller will face a monetary sanction of up to CHF 50,000.

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