New Generation

Online Education Platform

Jurcom Academy is an online education platform that includes training from different categories such as personal development, law, sales and marketing, wellness, technology, and esports. We offer the training to our individual and corporate users.
Corporate Educations
We measure the needs of your institution with functionally and industry-based specialized staff. Then, we adopt the most up-to-date and valid “Know-How” in the world to the conditions of Turkey and your institutions and offer you the most accurate solutions for your differentiation with our expert trainers.
Access to Information from
You can save time by watching our training online, and you can also access our training from wherever you are. Very soon, you will be able to access our platform both on mobile and with our applications that you can find in the “App Store” and “Google Play”.
Detailed Reporting and Certificate of Participation
You can see the analysis of the training you have received for your institution in detail on the platform. You can obtain many analyses of person-based reports, such as the stages of your employees in training, the time they allocate to training, and the results of the end-of-training exams.
You can earn JURCOIN with the training you have received from the platform and your success in the training process and gain an advantage by using your JURCOIN in your next purchases.
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