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UITSEC International, which has been among the leading companies in Turkey in the field of product-independent cybersecurity for many years, is a technology company that leads the development of cybersecurity technologies while providing cybersecurity solutions to many institutions worldwide with its expert staff. Jurcom partners with UITSEC International to deliver high-class cybersecurity services to its clients.
UITSEC International’s comprehensive service line includes tests, analysis, consultancy, and audit to ensure high-level security.
Test to Ensure Your Security
UITSEC tests include penetration, Dos/DDos, mobile security, wi-fi security, ATM & ICS security, server & client security, espionage, and VOIP tests along with RED teaming, social engineering, malware analysis.
Reliable Analysis
UITSEC also provides vulnerability, source code, fraud, malware, digital forensics, and ATP analysis to increase the level of cybersecurity.
UITSEC’s value-add to Your Business
UITSEC, which always aims to provide the most up-to-date information and the most accurate service to its customers in the field of cybersecurity, works with its M3AAWG (Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group) working group in this way to identify malicious software and forms of malicious use that threaten end-users. In addition, the company which is a member of APWG (The Anti-Phishing Working Group), is constantly sharing information about “Phishing” attacks with the world’s leading companies in cybersecurity. UITSEC is a founding member of the European Commission Cyber Security Council “ECSO”.
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