Biggest Dilemma Italy – Vaccination Or Losing Your Job

The COVID-19 outbreak, which has taken over the world, has affected every aspect of our lives. But our work, which is in a separate place

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The COVID-19 outbreak, which has taken over the world, has affected every aspect of our lives. But our work, which is in a separate place for all of us in all of the areas, has become the focus of a variety of applications in this process. First of all, we worked remotely, and then the vaccine has come into our lives, many offices have stopped working remotely and returned to work face-to-face, the process has become increasingly complex in our business life. Many measures have been introduced to take control of case numbers on their return to work worldwide. Biggest dilemma Italy vaccination or losing your job!

The Italy and COVID-19 Outbreak

The process of Pandemic in Italy has been one of the most numerous cases and deaths since the outbreak. With increasing vaccination and case numbers under control, measures in the country continue unabated.

Italy uses the Green Pass as a precaution with the start of the normalization process. A Green Pass document is an application that shows that the person has survived COVID-19 and vaccination information, and negative test result information (provided that it is received within the last 48 hours). People can use Green Pass documents on paper or digital media.

The application, which has similar qualities to the “Hayat Eve Sığar” application in our country, allows people in the country to control the entrances to indoor areas such as cafes, restaurants, and gyms. In line with the recent decisions taken within the European Union, individuals should use the Green Pass application to enter almost all areas.

New Measures New Layouts

The Italian Government recently approved a law affecting all sectors, including the self-employed, to encourage vaccination and to prevent new variants in the COVID-19 pandemic. This law can cause many problems for both businesses – companies, and individuals. If we consider the law for businesses, if they are found to be employing people who do not have the Green Pass application, business owners will be fined from 400 euros to 1000 euros. From an employer’s point of view, it has never been more expensive financially if the worker does not check his certificate. For the employee, if the worker does not use the Green Pass application, that is, continues to go to work without submitting a valid health certificate to the employer, the employee will be suspended without pay. Workers who do not have access to the workplace will be fined between 600 euros and 1500 euros.

Another issue regulated in the law is workers who come to work using someone else’s Green Pass certificate. If the worker either comes to work using someone else’s certificate or uses a false certificate, he or she will be sentenced to prison for 1 to 3 years.

Even if Italy considers these decisions an incentive to vaccination, no country in the European Union has such strict measures for workers yet. The new measures taken by Italy are expected to start on October 15th and remain in force until the end of the year.

Even though anti-vaccination people are in the minority across the country, it is undoubtedly that the regulation, which affects people’s fundamental rights and freedoms so closely, will lead to new discussions in many areas of law.

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