New Trans-Atlantic Data Framework is Approved

Data framework

The European Commission adopted the EU-US Data Privacy Framework on July 10, 2023, which clarifies the rules for personal data transfer from controllers or processors within the EU to such certified organizations in the US. President Ursula von der Leyen says “The new EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework will ensure safe data flows for Europeans and bring […]

EU AI Act: The World’s First Legislation Regarding AI Is About To Be Adopted


Following its approval, the EU’s AI Act will be the world’s first rule on Artificial Intelligence which aims to increase research and industrial capacity whilst providing safety and fundamental rights by making it trustworthy and human-centric. After two years of the legislative proposal, the Parliament agreed on a draft of its position on April 27, […]

Upcoming Proposal to the GDPR: Procedural Rules Need to Be Unified

Upcoming Proposal to the GDPR

As varying approaches between national administrative procedures existed along with national laws implementation, the GDPR came into force with the aim of harmonizing data privacy laws across the EEA. Lack of the need for implementation of EU Member States, the Regulation has directly applicable effect which did not create total uniformity as there are more […]