Welcome Onboard Our New CMO (Chief Marketing Officer): Murat Genca

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As JURCOM, we are happy to strengthen our marketing organization with a top-level appointment. Murat Genca will now undertake the duty of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of our company. Murat Genca, who has more than twenty years of marketing and communication experience, especially in the IT sector, will continue his successful career journey, including Microsoft, Advancity, Yellow Pages and SmartMessage companies, within JURCOM.

Murat Genca, who graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Economics Department of Economics, is among the first names to work in the field of content marketing in addition to his expertise in strategic marketing. Murat Genca, who was the chief editor of Tek.Net, one of the first publications on internet-based content in Turkey, shared his knowledge and experience with the masses in various publications, including Finans Dünyası. Murat Genca, who has accomplished successful marketing and brand communication works for international brands such as Microsoft and Yellow Pages, will lead the marketing team that will play an active role in JURCOM’s global growth strategies.

JURCOM, an innovative regtech company with investments in Turkey and the Netherlands, aims to reach a customer portfolio in a more widespread geography by taking its compliance services in different countries and markets on a global scale further under the leadership of Murat Genca.

Also known for his animal lover in the industry, Murat Genca is also known for his rock music works. Murat Genca also gives stage performances from time to time.

Murat Genca’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/muratgenca/




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