Swiss Otel Case Study

Case Study | Hospitality Enhancing Compliance in the Hospitality Industry Swissotel, a leading player in the hospitality industry, relies on Jurcom’s state-of-the-art ongoing consultancy services to ensure compliance excellence. 1 Hospitality industry’s pioneer Swiss Otel trusts Jurcom’s proficiency in complying with complex regulations in Turkey. 2 By customizing solutions to the unique demands of the […]

Kiğılı Case Study

Case Study | Textile Ensuring Compliance for the Textile Pioneer Turkey’s one of the most respected brands in the textile industry Kiğılı co-operates with Jurcom to fulfill regulatory requirements. 1 The leading brand in Turkey’s menswear trusts Jurcom’s expertise in complying with global and local regulations. 2 Jurcom’s ongoing consultancy service enables Kiğılı to stay […]

MNG Case Study

gdpr case study

Case Study | Aviation Compliance Collaboration In the Air MNG Airlines, the leading company in the aviation industry, continues its journey in compliance with data privacy regulations with Jurcom. 1 Jurcom, which delivers GRC services to industry pioneers, provides the aviation sector’s leading brand, MNG Airlines, premimum consultancy. 2 Jurcom’s support includes regulation consultancy in […]

Monster Case Study

Data Privacy regulations

Case Study | Technology Technology Meets with Premium Compliance Services Monster Notebook, a global brand in the field of high-performance laptops and gaming equipment, prefers Jurcom to comply with data privacy regulations. 1 Providing services to numerous industry leaders in the field of compliance with global data privacy regulations, Jurcom also continues to act as […]

Privacy by Design

privacy by design case study

Case Study | IT Pioneer Project in “Privacy by Design” Jurcom and Bilin Yazılım Joined forces to demonstrate a visionary GDPR compliance project. 1 Jurcom helped Bilin Yazılım, the leading software company in the Turkish IT industry, comply perfectly with GDPR’s Privacy by Design (PbD) regulation. 2 Jurcom performed a detailed GAP analysis examining the […]