Could Big Data Be More Valuable Than We Think: An Evaluation Under GDPR

big data gdpr

I. INTRODUCTION In the digital age, technology companies play a central role in the creation, processing, and use of massive amounts of data, known as big data. The potential of big data to enhance business operations and improve the user experience is being transformed by the need to protect the privacy and rights of data […]

Exploring the Future: The Evolution of Neurotechnology and Health Technologies in Light of GDPR


I. Introduction In recent years, significant advances in neurotechnology have radically changed the way we understand and interact with the human brain. From brain-computer interfaces to neural implants, it is widely recognized that these cutting-edge technologies hold great potential to advance medical treatments, expand the limited framework we know about the brain, and even enhance […]

The Path From Enigma To ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence And Data Protection Law

Data Protection Law

If Alan Turing had not posed the question “Could machines think?” in the early 1940s, an era that we could describe as dreadful, we would probably be discussing very different topics today. In today’s world, which is constantly developing and where the rate of globalization is almost four times that of 1990, it is not […]