Transfer of Personal Data Between the EU and the UK Under the GDPR

personal data transfer

International Data Transfer Impact Assessment Under EU GDPR & UK GDPR Transfers of Personal Data Under EU GDPR Articles 44 to 50 of the GDPR address the transfer of personal data to third parties or international organizations. The “Adequacy Decision” of the European Commission is the first place to look to determine the legality of […]

Cyber Resilience Act

Cyber Resilience Act

In an effort to establish uniform cybersecurity rules for connected devices and services, the European Commission issued the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) on September 15. The European Union has long taken measures to combat cybercrime. This rule aims to safeguard consumers and the market from cyber events as part of the EU’s roadmap to the […]

The Digital Markets Act and The Digital Services Act

Digital Markets Act

The Digital Markets Act and The Digital Services Act Pave The Way For a More Equitable and Competitive Digital Economy The EU’s reaction to the need for digital space regulation is the digital services package. It outlines safeguards for online consumers while encouraging innovation. The digital market and economy in the EU are significantly influenced […]