Where Are My Datas? Data Transfer Methods Abroad

Data Transfer Methods

While we are shopping every day, we see words such as “personal data, express consent, transfer of data abroad” more frequently. The Law on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”), which entered into force in 2016, brought many innovations and awareness to our lives in terms of the protection of our data. Although 5 years […]

Biggest Dilemma Italy – Vaccination Or Losing Your Job

Italy vaccination

The COVID-19 outbreak, which has taken over the world, has affected every aspect of our lives. But our work, which is in a separate place for all of us in all of the areas, has become the focus of a variety of applications in this process. First of all, we worked remotely, and then the […]

How To Struggle Unwanted Messages And Calls?

We’re all exposed to a lot of unwanted calls or messages within a day. Although it is a business requirement for companies to send messages and search individuals to advertise, conduct marketing activities, there are solutions that we can legally apply to if this situation comes to undesirable levels. Commercial Electronic Messages Overview The first […]